Why use an Eco – friendly cleaning company?

Safe Environment
Using an eco friendly cleaning company helps to ensure that your employees are working in a safe environment.

More Productivity
This will lead to more productivity in the office.

What will happen when you choose trusted cleaning company?

Another good news, there are no higher costs associated with using an eco friendly cleaning company

Our Facade Cleaning Team are certified people. The license and certification are from Man Power Department (K3 Kemenaker) and ARAI (Association of Rope Access in Indonesia)

Human Resource
Human Resource is the most important aspect in service provider business and is the main focus of the customers. Security staff of ROS INDONESIA are recruited from civilian and the Police Force who have potential, talent, capability with high dedication to their responsibilities.
ROS INDONESIA Security is managed and operated by a combination of Retired Indonesian Police and Professionals who have experiences in consultation projects, document verification, data audit, and setting up security system.

We also have broad access to Government Institutions among others; law-enforcement officers, especially The Police Force.
Type of education and training which is taken by security staff of ROS Indonesia covers training physical and mental which is the basic standard of Indonesia Police (POLRI) education and training.
our security staff, martial arts basic skill training are also given to the staff.

With strong Human Resources Management and periodically systematic training, weare able to produce the best human resources who are ready to handle various situations and conditions.
In tehcnology development, we commit to implement an Innovative and New Technology for both hardware and software which provide excellent result to any parking problems occured.